Don’t let its intimidating reputation deceive you: Lean Six Sigma’s principles are based on common sense and discipline. Here, you can learn about the everyday successes of organizations that use Lean Six Sigma.
How A Family Reduced Their Carbon Footprint & Saved $1,342 Per Year Using Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma isn’t just beneficial for business – it works great at home and in life also! Here’s an example of how one family reduced their carbon footprint and saved money. What Is A Carbon… (Read More)

White Paper: Launching Lean In The Finance & Business Operations Division

About FBOD (Finance & Business Operations Department) King County Washington is the 14th most populous county in the United States. King County as an organization has 40+ lines of business, 13,000+ employees and an $8+ billion… (Read More)® Ranks With Amazon and Southwest Airlines in Customer Experience

At, your experience is at the heart of everything we do. Providing globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification is not enough, so we’ve made it our mission to make process improvement easier and… (Read More)

Lean Six Sigma Training Recommendations From LinkedIn

As of April 14, 2014, LinkedIn has removed their Product Recommendation feature which contained some of our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Recommendations. We felt that you may find them valuable, so we saved them… (Read More)

Lean Six Sigma in the Government
A Call To Change: Pioneering Lean Six Sigma At Los Angeles County

In 2011, Los Angeles County’s Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, Dean C. Logan, had a vision of his department becoming a leader in customer service.  He chose to use the methodology of Lean Six Sigma to help make that… (Read More)

Lean Thinking and Switch Change Management Benefit Healthcare Practices
How Lean Thinking and Switch Change Management Benefits Small Healthcare Practices

Many successful Advanced Primary Care models have been implemented in community clinics or staff models where extended health care professionals, including nurses, health coaches or social workers, are part of the existing interdisciplinary team. The Advanced… (Read More)

A Case Study: Lean County, USA

Lean County, USA is where everything runs just fine.  Actually, things are more than just fine; they are fast, friendly, and efficient. In Lean County, you can order your birth certificate online and get it delivered to… (Read More)

Can Lean Six Sigma Be Applied in County Government?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a system designed to increase efficiency and enhance effectiveness in an organization. Can it work in County Government? Yes, it can, but it may be met with a few obstacles. I… (Read More)

How a Cause and Effect Diagram Helped Reduce Defects By 19%

When organizations want to address an issue, they frequently bring people together to determine what actions to take. Often, part of the group’s process is to brainstorm about what causes the issue to happen in the… (Read More)

Six Sigma Reduces Database Errors by 53% at a Media Company

In today’s digital age, the old adage of “knowledge is power” could be replaced by “database is dollars.” So much of a company’s core competencies are housed, facilitated, executed around database systems. And databases are often… (Read More)

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