Lean Six Sigma provides an abundance of useful tools, but rarely any practical guidance for how to practically utilize them. Here, you can discover how professionals from your industry maximize the potential of Lean Six Sigma to deliver significant, lasting results.

10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Home Using Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma isn’t just beneficial at work or for businesses, it makes life easier and more enjoyable at home, too! Here are a few great ways to use Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools at… (Read More)

10 Popular Lean Six Sigma Templates

Here are 10 of the most popular Lean Six Sigma Templates which you, our learners, and our team of Master Black Belts also find the most valuable. You can download all of these useful templates on… (Read More)

4 Best Practices To Help Ensure Your Process Walk Is Successful

What’s a Process Walk? A Process Walk, also known as a Gemba Walk, consists of a team of people walking a Value Stream together. The Japanese word “Gemba” translates to, “go to the real place.” This… (Read More)

10 Essential Tips for Successful Process Mapping

When starting any process improvement effort, whether it’s a Quick Win, a Kaizen or a larger Green Belt Project, building the “As Is” Process Map is an essential first step. Teams often find immediate and actionable… (Read More)

Why Lean Six Sigma Certification Ensures You Retain What You Learn

It turns out that for Yellow Belts and Green Belts, taking the Certification Exam is key to understanding the material. A recent New York Times article, “How Tests Make Us Smarter” raised an essential point related… (Read More)

UPDATED: 50 Things You Should Know About Green Belt Training

Are you deciding whether or not to get your Green Belt? How about which training and certification provider to select? Here’s a list of important things you should know before making the investment in time, money… (Read More)

Deploying Lean Six Sigma On a Budget

Embarking on a Lean Six Sigma Program can be an expensive proposition and the return on your investment can take time to materialize. Leadership is often left with difficult decisions around who to send to improvement… (Read More)

3 Important Factors To Consider To Launch a Successful Lean Six Sigma Project

A key objective of every project is to deliver results in an agreed upon time period with an agreed upon set of resources. Three important factors that are critical to accomplishing this are: The project is… (Read More)

How To Visualize An Improved Version Of Your Process

The “To Be” or Future State of the process is a critical component of the Lean methodology and the Value Stream mapping exercise.  It is a powerful exercise that strokes the imagination and helps break free… (Read More)

How To Visualize a Process With a Value Stream Map

The Value Stream Map is a critical tool within the Lean methodology.  It serves as the basis for documenting the “As Is” state of the process and is the platform for designing the “To Be” state… (Read More)

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