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GoLeanSixSigma.com is a trusted, growing online community dedicated to helping students, professionals and anyone in between advance their careers by providing the most practical, easy to understand, high quality learning resources available. Our  highly successful and deeply experienced Lean Six Sigma experts help businesses of every size in virtually every industry to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve collaboration.

Our Mission

In an effort to improve economies and workforces all over the world,  we’ve made it our mission to share our knowledge with you – and anyone interested in improving their career opportunities.

Our Vision

By promoting the collaboration of people and the sharing of knowledge, we seek to improve the careers and lives of the foundation of every organization – you, the people.

Our Core Values

Simplify the Seemingly Complex

We provide the most practical, approachable and easily understandable resources available.

Foster Collaboration

We connect people – from new learners to Lean Six Sigma experts – across every industry to work together to achieve their goals.

Drive Innovation

We encourage the generation of new ideas and tools to maximize the results of process improvement efforts.

About GoLeanSixSigma’s Online Training & Certification

GoLeanSixSigma.com is dedicated to helping anyone advance their careers and transform organizations by providing the most practical, easy to understand Lean Six Sigma learning resources and online training & certification.

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